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Chris Diack
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LPFM Radio

It occurs to me that many folks like us use Winamp 2.xx as a playout system for small radio stations. Over the last 4 years we've experimented with many ideas to simplify the live assist and automation of our small radio station. We're constantly searching for new ideas to make it simpler, easier, less costly, and more fun. I wonder how many others have experimented with downloading plugins, frontends, standalone applications and the like, to enhance the gloriously simple yet effective Winamp as a radio playout system. To start the ball rolling, it seems like in excess of a million people have adopted the SQRsoft crossfader as a standard application for crossfading between audio tracks, and yet many people have not yet discovered this absolute gem of a plugin. Then there are other enhancements that interface with Winamp 2.xx. For instance, a scheduling device called "wclock" for inserting one of more audio tracks into an already running playlist has proved to be an absolute boon for pre-recorded news feeds from an FTP server. Then the issue of having greater control over material for broadcast is always an issue that has taken us many months to resolve, with several different "clocks" to schhdule, each with a different rotation pattern. So to start the ball rolling, if we can offer the benefit of our experience to a forum related to small broadcasters, we'd be delighted to do so, time permitting of course, and alternatively if you have an idea that is worth sharing, lets hear from you. I'm hoping that this post doesn't contravene the purpose if this particular forum, as it may deal with issues relating to shoutcasting as well, but we'll see what evolves... A question to start the ball rolling, has anyone designed a frontend or plugin to emulate the Playlist Editor in winamp2.xx which has large buttons or a numeric keypad function to access the functions of Play, Stop, Stop after currently playing track, Next track, Move cursor up/down in Playlist editor etc., etc.? Look forward to sharing a few ideas...!
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Chris Diack
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Just to whet the appetite a little, take a look at the enclosed Winamp aO Playlist.jpg It illustrates how we make our playlist look for on air use... The plugin used was designed by Justin back in 1999 as I recall and the additional information below the Playlist Editor is fully customisable... as for the bit at the top of the Playlist Editor, we made that skin ourselves. It's not very clever but it changes colour and reads "Not Ready" if the Playlist Editor loses focus to something else. We'd be delighted to share any of the above with anyone if they're interested...!
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My status on Internet radio to LPFM

I'm a disabled veteran living in my retirement years in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A. where one of my pursuits is a LPFM system.
  • I'm currently Internet only at the domain kock.rocks.
  • I'm a home or garage station. I have three systems just for broadcasting on the home network. Two MS10 workstations on custom builds which share a desktop five to six monitors. These two share playing music to stream and my workstations. Idealy, I'd like two matching platforms to mirror each other. MS Server rev8 is on one maxed out Proliant ML310 server. If I replace it, it will be a matching platform as the workstations. I use MirrorFolder to keep replicas across all systems, archives of modified and deleted files, and specific backups, and Carbonite Software backs up to the Internet service.
  • I've had a station broadcasting since 1995 (off my personal domain Thunderchild.net as /kock) starting in Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.A.. I've been through different platforms and software over the years. I finally grabbed the domain "rocks" for my station when it came out in the last year or two.
  • I've played around with different players and streamers, but always have been a SHOUTcast server. I've used different means of remote control local to the server and across the internet out of state.
  • I've resolved to using SAM Broadcaster Pro for daily use as a streamer.
  • I use a remote desktop app to control remotely. The call the housemate and give directions.
  • I use MediaMonkey Pro as my library and organizing app.
  • In the Navy, Radioman was one of my rates, so it lets me keep up on technical skills. That and getting back into Amateur Radio, KG5KHB.

Now being retired, I've started taking a more serious approach to a few hobbies, radio being one, Art and learning guitar are the other two. Which you'll see on the Station's websites.

I'm Currently working with the local Codes Officer to figure what antennas I can put up. Mostly to get a stamp on documentation with a building permit number so I can secure the LPFM call letters I want for the five proceeding years. My diagrams do have a website if you like to venture a look. They have equipment diagrams that I've figured out. Please give any comment or feedback. I'm still working on specific purchase lists and costs, but has focused on the the local Music Store liquidation of late, and I'm waiting for Codes at this point.

I've used WinAmp Basic and Pro as primary and secondary streaming up till the last couple of years. I do like some of the plugin for mixing and auto-DJ'n music. Trying to DJ via the Internet on most software I've tried is like my first Pipe Organ experience. You can't listen to what you play in real time, cause the sound is delayed by a few seconds at best, maybe 15 or more sometimes. And where you're at, doesn't really make a difference at times.

Well, that's enough for intros.
I'm AJ
Thanks for starting an LPFM forum!
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LPFM Radio

Maybe create an optional Class A for LPFM? Theyd get 250 watts but it would come with the additional responsibilities EAS pass thru, etc..
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