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Makensis.exe Win32:Evo-gen Virus

Okay, so attached here I have my basically complete Installer script.

Now we thought about adding an additional option to the installer which not everyone would like installed. So I then wanted to put a components page into the script so the user can select what they want installed and what they don't want.

So I go to my script and I add this exact line into this position:


And all of a sudden when I try to compile the script, as it is trying to save the .exe file, Avast Antivirus pops up saying that it has detected a Win32:Evo-gen [SUSP] sourcing from makensis.exe which I assume is a false positive.

Any advice on this would be truly grateful because I have no clue why it all of a sudden does this after only adding that one additional line.

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Check virusltotal.com, if others report it as clean you should report a false positive.

http://www.avast.com/contact-us.php?subject=VIRUS-FILE or mailto:virus@avast.com?subject=False...0is%20infected

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I have sent in a report to Avast. The thing that bothered me though was that if I made a .nsi file with just the code from before on the vista file browser and added the components page command to it, it would compile without issues and run perfectly, that's what confused me when it only happened in the installer I'm busy with.

Also thanks again for the help. Much appreciated.
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false positive, makensis

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