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Library search history

I'm not a newbie to winamp but new to the forum.
I have close to 150, 000 songs in my library and use the search several times a day. Is there a way to go back to past library searches like you can go back when searching the internet? I sometimes cross search, like search a song then find it by several artists and go to an artist, then want to simply go back to the song to find other artists. Not sure if I'm asking about plug in or a function of the library search that I'm not aware of.

Thanks for any help
Steve Tee
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Holy crap that's a lot of music!!
Have you been adding to your library for many many years,
or just download/rip anything and everything?

I download music steady, and I only have just over 7000 songs. That took 1 year to get.
I'd have a lot more if I had never ever lost music do to failed drives, stolen laptops, reformats, etc. etc. but I still doubt in the 15 years since I've started downloading music, that I'd even have 50000 songs, as every time I do get a new computer, most of what I get is replacing what I've had. I'm picky on my music choices though.

Anyways, I can't wait to have a number like that, lol!!
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Actually it is 132174. I have been digitizing vinyl Records and trading with others who do the same. Mainly Bluegrass out of print things. Some are duplicates, but they are really on another computer and other drives. It's a small genre and many songs get done by other groups with their own versions.

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unfortunately winamps search function has no memory, and is kinda weird, but one thing that may help you is in prefs, you can tell it to "remember search position" and also "refine search" which adds a second search to your first one. try em out, let me know what you think.

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The closest thing I can think is an option of Jump to File to remember last search. Albeit for your playlist not media library and only for your last search, it still works well for me many times. If you put a shortcut (ctrl + win + z for me!) to bring up jump to file, you can, for example, easily queue different artists that play a song while you are doing something else with the media library window (though don't replace your current playlist entirely!)

Something that might work well for you is to have all your songs in a playlist (I don't know if that will slow a computer down but I think it will be fine), then use jump to file to search and queue all versions of a song while still maintaining the structure of the playlist.

But if you enqueue all the different versions of a song from the media library, then you don't need to go back to search for the rest? Another thing might be to go to recently played or set up a new smart view to view all artists that play a song when you have only play one if you can.

Lastly you can try to set up a script with AutoHotKey for a shortcut to write searches to a text file then another to search selected text in Winamp. Hmm I might try that, since I too wish for search history. For now though, I'd try messing around with queues and views.

Edit: oh yeah, you can use queue manager (win + b for me!) window or smart view to see what you have queued up from your playlist without having to guess.

Jump to File also has some nice shortcuts for the playlist like queue entire album (like if you have playlist on random or with different ordre but want to listen to an entire album in order)
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