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3 things to further winamp to perfection


playlist function similar/exact to the newest ipod.

Rate a song (1-5) while you listen to it which automatically markes that file for placement into another play list making several playlists that only contain songs of that rating

i.e.: a song is being played which I did not know was on my playlist and I enjoy it, so I give it a three rating. Now I can load a playlist which contains all songs which I have rated a three.

from that I can make a list that is say 3 and above...

statistics on songs which have been played, and have those automatically put into playlist files

ie top ten, top 100, ...etc..etc


option to automatically update ALL ID3 tags of files

(updating a playlist with 16K+ songs takes forever to scroll through and update each ID3 tag)


font color of song changes with kbps encoding

Tell me what you think, and if any of these already exist tell me how i can get them
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rating a song while it is playing:

1. right click on the song title in the main window and go to rating and choose a rating.

2. do the same in the playlist

3. make up some global hotkeys (in the preferences section) this is what i do: ctl + shift + a number rating, so i can rate a song that is playin instantly.

To create the playlists go to the media library and go to make new smart playlist, then choose ratings, then whateva ratings u want.

U can then load these playlists in to the media libary.

Lol ive talked for long enuf, other ideas i dont know about but.
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To update more then one ID3 tag, just click the first song in your library, then shift + click the last. Then just press Ctrl + E.

As for the kbps color encoding, I'm pretty sure winamp doesn't do that, may be a plugin somewhere... interesting idea though.

And psyker7 has the rating thing right.
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