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Enraged Mother Calls Fall Out Boy Concert 'Liberal Homosexual Rally'

An angry parent has written an email to Fall Out Boy's label, Island Def Jam Records, after taking her daughters to see the band last Tuesday (May 2) in Charlotte, North Carolina. The woman wrote that she was enraged by bassist Pete Wentz's "personal political testimony" onstage, complaining that "the ticket said 'all ages,' and your band was very foul-mouthed and anti-morals. Charlotte is not the demoralized city that liberal San Francisco and other cities across the North and West are...this was a concert, not some liberal homosexual rally."

The woman promised to contact national news organizations and other venues where Fall Out Boy would be playing, claiming that the band would lose "a lot of financial support" as a result. She concluded, "Your responsibility was to sing your songs. When you opened your mouth to talk, you blew it...By the way, my children will not be a part of your sick idea of family."

Wentz posted the letter at Fall Out Boy's website, along with his own response. The bassist wrote, "The only thing I said in Charlotte was, 'You can leave this show and say, ‘I think this guy is an arrogant jerk,’ or think, ‘This band is better than this one,’ because these are your opinions. The only thing we consider unacceptable is for you to engage in sexist, racist or homophobic behavior. If you do, we don't want you as a fan.'"

Wentz did offer an apology for any profanity he might have used, but did not change his stance, adding, "I encourage fans of our band to grow up to become good people and to change the world. Unfortunately, I don't believe that treating other people as inhuman is acceptable. (Our show) is not a liberal homosexual rally, but at the same time, it will never be a Ku Klux Klan rally."

Fall Out Boy takes its Black Clouds And Underdogs tour to Columbus, Ohio tomorrow (Tuesday, May 9).
Yet one more reason I hate people. She should go see a Tatu concert

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She's just a rabid cult member. They grow on trees in the South.

The big tragedy is that she's raising her kids to be as phobic and hateful as she is, but hopefully they will grow up to be smarter than their mom. Many do.

And like most cult members, she has much less ability than the average citizen to cause a financial loss to anyone, especially a popular band. Evidenced by the fact that she's not even smart enough to improve her own corrupted morality, and instead spreads it to innocent children. She'd hurt them less if she physically raped them.

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