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Old 23rd November 2004, 16:16   #1
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'Always on top' lost when entering/exiting visualisation

Winamp 5.06 (and previous versions of 5.x too) lose the 'always on top' setting, when entering visualisation plugin, either manually through the menu or with ctrl+shift+k.
I tested this with just milkdrop, but the same might apply to other plugins as well?

I searched to forum to find another similar problem and found this:
The solution to this one doesn't seem to work in this case, though.

Also, when the 'always on top' is lost, it still shows it "ticked" as active in the winamp right-click-menu, and you have to ctrl+a twice to get it stay on top again. And, this applies to all windows in winamp, and the vis-plugin window itself (winamp is windowshade in this case).

I have windows xp pro with sp1 if it is any relevance to this.
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Old 24th November 2004, 03:02   #2
DJ Egg
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As far as I know, that bug is specific to Milkdrop 1.04b only.
You could post in the Milkdrop forums to get confirmation... :/
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I have noticed this only happens wtih milkdrop. It has to do something with how it minimizes winamp, it may just turn off always on top so it renders corectly but I do not know.

Since the latest version of milkdrop is almost a few yeras old, I don't foresee this being fixed anytime soon unless ryan geiss gets fired by nvidia and he has nothing to do but code milkdrop anymore >

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