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Big Bento Modern v1.1


DOWNLOAD HERE >> https://getwacup.com/community/index...ic=327.msg2379


V1.1 finally arrived!
It has several new features and is way more solid now. Highlights are on the promo pic.
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Here is the detailed changelog:

New = [WACUP users] Waveseeker integrated into the skin (with opt-out).
New = Color themes love! >> New and novel config page to select themes.
New = Color themes love! >> Direct access to Color themes page on Right-click menu.
New = Color themes love! >> New color themes, obviously.
New = Right-click on Main Menu button to open Winamp preferences.
New = (Multi-Button Bolt) If set to "Change Color Theme", Ctrl. + click will switch to previous CT.
New = Click on Shade mode Songticker brings up a Quick Playlist.
New = Double-Click on Resizers (top, bottom, right, left) now makes the player fit the screen horizontally or vertically.
New = Alternative visualizer (enable it on right click).
New = Direct access from main Right-Click menu to "About the skin and the skinner".
New = (About skin) Added direct access to Changelog.
New = Complete French Language pack, even translating color themes! (thanks Azuryth!).
New = [WACUP users] Bolt multi-button use WACUP logo.
New = [WACUP users] WACUP logo used in File info branding.
Fixed = Windows 10 version background behind song info area incorrectly cut off.
Fixed = Podcasts links now open on external or internal browser, according to the option selected on Skin Settings/Web Content (thanks Juanus).
Fixed = Feedback - help - bugs button now heads up directly to the active WACUP thread instead of the old -closed- one (thanks Juanus).
Fixed = [WACUP users] "Load another playlists" button now works (Playlist Info view).
Fixed = Switching from dock state doesn't leave an blank component area on the skin.
Fixed = Player no longer shows a blank component area when switching from Light/Dark skin version under certain conditions.
Fixed = If Playlist AND Playlist info view were opened when closing winamp, at re-opening PL wouldn't be opened. Fixed now.
Fixed = Opening Playlist Editor straight from Shade mode (i.e. Alt+E or Songticker RC) no longer leaves a blank SUI area.
Fixed = Button to "show hidden tabs" now works according to if video and/or Playlist tabs are disabled.
Fixed = (File info) Missplaced shade on the background over non-square covers (thanks Azuryth).
Fixed = Expand Window button no longer reappears on fullscreen after switching tabs or on Winamp's reload.
Fixed = Side Playlist now uses the previously saved width when opened from Shade mode or Tab Playlist (original Bento bug!!).
Fixed = Video 1x and 2x won't resize a maximized player when "Autoresize Main Window if maximized" is off.
Fixed = Shade's width and position now matches Normal mode's when switching from fullscreen and "Link shade and player width" is on.
Fixed = (Multi content view) On Full Vis View, Vis buttons no longer overlap with Lyrics and Video Search buttons.
Fixed = (File info view) When hiding cover through button, the Undo message was missplaced if Vis & Cover were ON.
Fixed = (Notifications) Pause and Resume notifications re-enabled and improved behaviour.
Fixed = (Notifications) "Close.." and "Search artist info" -on click- now also works when "Hold open.." is OFF.
Fixed = (Notifications) Playing video when "Show album tag" is ON, no longer shows overlapped text.
Fixed = (Playlist Search) Can't make it go away when clicking outside, but now it's gone when PL dissapears.
Improved = Visualizer no longer uses a patch gfx.
Improved = Some cursors are now more indicative of its function.
Improved = Normalization of most menu's positions on Left or Right-click (yeah, perfectionist's OCD).
Improved = (Playlist Info view) "Import current PL" and "View saved Playlists" now expands the SUI area if it's collapsed.
Improved = (Multi-Button Bolt) Tooltip now shows the currently selected function.
Improved = (Multi-Button Bolt) Skin settings and View bookmarks now expands the SUI area if it's collapsed.
Improved = (Songticker Right-click) "Scroll Playlist to this track" now opens Playlist editor AND THEN scrolls to the playing track.
Improved = If "Button to show hidden tabs" is enabled and player's height is not calling it, the button appears briefly to indicate it's there.
Improved = Default player size on first run now matches that of Big Bento.
Improved = (File info) Spacing is now fixed for song info Bitrate / Frequency, to show 3 digits KHZ (thanks Azuryth) and reduce processing.
Improved = Side Playlist is closed when going below its minimum width (needed to ensure buttons visibility + a usable size) - Visible on user resize and side snap.
Improved = Side Playlist forces player width to ensure its visibility if triggered on a too small player.
Improved = (Notifications) Hold open now works way better (even freezing a leaving notification!)
Improved = Selecting various items on PL search results is a bit better now.
Improved = EQ and Skin config scrollbars now respond to mouse wheel.
Improved = Skin config behaves a bit differently now, specially Notification options.
Improved = Windows 10 version graphics more Windows 10-like (i.e. minimize-maximize-close).
Improved = Gfx change for the button/divider of the tabs area to better hint its function (click-to-open/close).
Improved = Updated spanish lang pack with new strings (including color themes! Quéeee???).
Changed = All skin settings (opened windows, position, etc) are shared/mantained across normal and Win10 (light and dark) versions.
Changed = Bye bye Light and Dark VERSIONS, welcome Light and Dark MODES .

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Very cool

PENN STATE Radio or http://www.LION-Radio.org/
BUG #1 = Winamp skips short tracks
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