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How do you organize your music ? CD1, CD2 ?


I'd like to know how to class MP3 especially for album set like Anthology album or double one's ?
Artist - Album\CD1\01-title01...
Artist - Album\CD1\02-title02...
This is how normally I organize.
But also,
Artist - Album\1-01 title01fromcd1
Artist - Album\1-02 title01fromcd1
Artist - Album\2-01 title01fromcd2

It seems also most players now read thumbnails from folder and not from ID3tag v2.. I don't like take with pictures inside. So it looks like front cover should be named as folder.jpg in the artist-album folder ?
I don't know if I will still use Winamp in the future as I may have an ipod or switch to a Mac.. what would be universal way to organize his MP3 collection ?
What about organizing like :
\Labels\- 1st Decade Records -\[1st decade 001] northern lite - trusting blind\northern lite a1 - trusting blind.mp3
Are LP with a1, a2, b1 suitable with winamp or other players such foobar2000, itunes ?

thanks for commenting your experience
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i organise my collection like this

\music\artist\album\track - title.mp3

or for multiple disks

\music\artist\album\cd1\track - title.mp3

ipods work with winamp natively. macs are for old people who are too stupid to use anything else.
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Personally, I use Disc#Track#, i.e.: 101 for disc 1, track 1; 201 for disc 2 track 1. But it's all personal, use what works for you, not for me. Or someone else.

For the best compatibility on album art, folder.jpg seems to work best with Winamp, foobar, and just about every thing else (even (shudder) WMP. Eeech.)
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Personally I maintain my library in the 'Music\Album\[CD1/CD2]\Tracknum - Title - Artist' form.

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When I'm dealing with mulitple disc albums, I'm split between making a different folder for each disc and adjusting track numbers to make one very large album. If each disc has a different name I will make an 'album' out of each disc. Usually albums are only split because of the size of a CD, e.g. The Complete Recordings box-sets from The Lord of the Rings films.

In general my directory layout is:
Genre\Album\## - Title

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Since really no CD will have more then 100 tracksa, I go fr three digit track number. 101, 102, 201; etc...

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Well, I do mine like this at the moment:

\Genre\Album Artist - Album\Album Artist - Album (Disc N) - ## - (Track Artist if different than Album Artist, mostly with DJ Mix Albums) - Track Title.mp3

For various artist CDs such as Soundtracks and the like:

\Genre\Album\Album (Disc N) - ## - Track Artist - Track Title.mp3 which I typically make the Album Artist the same as the Album Name

Anyway, there is no right or wrong way... Just whatever makes sense to you in finding your music.
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