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Why cant winamp play next file in directory!!?

am i missing something. or can winamp really not do this. i googled, checked all options. all i want thing thing to do is when i click on a song in a folder, and winamp opens and plays it, the ability to click the play next button and it plays the next file in the directory the file i opened winamp with. zoomplayer does it... MPC does it.

can winamp?
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Hi Ninja242,

You may be able to find a plug-in to do what you want. I don't know of any.

By design, WA plays tracks from it's playlist. You have to add files to the playlist in order for WA to play them. You can select more than 1 file at a time and drag & drop them all to WA. You can also just input the folder that contains the tracks (use Shift + L).

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yea, i know, but thanks. pure retardedness. forced to use playlists to do such a simple task. winamp went through like 500 revsions. that chit shoulda been built into the bloated piece of chit from day one.
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if you don't like how Winamp works (calling it 'chit' is not a way to get much further assistance from other users), then please do use MPC or anything else that better suits your needs but Winamp is working as it's meant to and unless a file is in the main playlist editor (it doesn't have to actually be added to a physical playlist as the main playlist editor is just a temporary list). and if you just want it to load from a directory, then 1by1 is more likely appropriate.

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Coming on simply to bash a software. Interesting waste of time.

As far as your concern, only way you can really achieve this is drag the items into your playlist window. You might be able to "open" a selected group of files and it may input them automatically into the playlist. I've never personally done it as I have way too much music to bother with such activities. I would test it but my music folder won't even open at the moment. Winamp is working as intended based on the description of the software, minus a few bugs across a few areas of course. Try my tip if you care and let me know if the open selected files puts them all into the playlist. Sounds like it might solve your issue if it does.
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hy to all.
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