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How can 'the government' crack Winamp to add a recurring clanging and...

...boinging (like a kettledrum) sound during my listening enjoyment?

Don't be afraid of me, but I have been under intense state observation for about 10 years. Where? No, not in Russia etc - in 'Heidiland' Switzerland - apparently more of a *Stasiland*. It doesn't take a lot these days (next to their ever-stronger currency another reason to avoid this country which is more like Germany than they like to believe)...

I'm talking about the car-borne computing situation. I have my XP Pro netbook connected to, among other things, my car stereo. It is protected (?) by an up-to-date anti-virus and a ditto anti-spyware system of well-known brands. Still they have managed to somehow add the effect mentioned above to either Winamp, my music folder or something else. I was able to isolate it by suddenly stopping my music - these 2 sounds continued for some time without the music, so could be heard clearly: similar to a breaking window and someone hitting a kettledrum - both soundbits possibly taken from a slapstick movie, because the 'funny element' can be clearly heard. Still when I see a slapstick movie I don't want to be treated by someone to my music - and vice versa.

I have already re-installed Winamp, refreshed my folder from a safe (?) source, disconnected my cellphone and fully (as far as I can see) disabled its bluetooth connection to the netbook, in order to hopefully remove the causes and prevent a potential 'remote control'. Still the effect continues. A total scan has yielded nothing.

How do I get rid of it, prevent it from re-installing? .) (No, not a joke, dead-serious)

PS update: WMP is affected, too.
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sounds like there is a sound playing behind all your software
why i cant tell you since i dont have the issue unless a video on youtube plays along with a ad

thanks rob
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(please note) As users we can't give others help unless we get full details of the problem that you are having
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You say this is in a car? There are a lot of electronics in the engine that can add noise to any audio system.

What happens with other audio players on the laptop? Or You Tube through the web browser?

Or even better - just go into control panel and play with the "Sounds" control panel in there. Test a few wavs on the sounds page. Select something and hit the test play button. The Windows Startup Sound is good and long to test with.

I find this page is good for testing audio without worrying about other things getting in the way. This is just playing "raw" via the driver. As basic as you can get.

If you still hear the odd sounds with other audio playing, then you need to find a Car Stereo forum for ways to stop the interference. You are hearing the electrical system of your car interfering with the laptop.

Interference can be especially bad if you have a long lead connecting the laptop to the line-in socket of your car stereo. This cable can act like an aerial and pick up all kinds of electronic noises.

I often connect my mp3 player to car stereos with a lead. And can often hear the windscreen wipers going "thud thud" in an odd electronic way. Or you can hear a background "whine" which increases with the car revs.

It would be hard for "them" to create a plugin for Winamp without it being spotted. Use something like "onefornunz" to list your plugins and then you can check for anything rogue. It would be very easy to double check the files you have are the originals using MD5 hashes with a "known good" set of files.

Edit: Sorry - just seen your last line which mentioned it is also in WMP. Then you are certainly listening to the car electronics making noise and interference. It would be the same if you plugged in an iPod or Phone. First, try getting a shorter cable to connect your laptop to the car stereo. Ultimately the best answers for you will be in a car stereo forum. This is 100% certain not to be "them". This is just electronic noise.
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You can format your pc and put a bad ass firewall to it as comodo firewall and buy a signal scrabler/scanner and scan wen ever your using ur radio in ur can and see if theres another signal and if you think they are tru bluetooth see around your mirror and try to watch for Blacked out SUVs and or any regullar car
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@MaxxTechz-Erick: Comodo firewall - avoid it as not strong enough. I have seen it cause some nasty bugs on PCs as well. Just not good enough quality. Better to learn how to check the processes on the PC and recognise when you have something new appear.

If you are truly paranoid, then don't install an OS on the PC. Get an Unbuntu boot disk and work from that. This then leaves no trace on the computer when you turn it off.

Use encrypted flash drives to hold your data (U3 drives have this built in, or TrueCrypt makes any USB drive encrypted). These can be so small you can hide them in odd places. Or even swallow them (not advisable).

Learn about PROXY SERVERS or the TOR project. https://www.torproject.org/ This will allow you to work online in a fully encrypted manner. (I just seen this - a bootable DVD or USB Flash drive with TOR built in http://tails.boum.org/)

If you think you are being tracked by other vehicles - drive out into the countryside and park on a hill. Further away from the city the better as "other" cars will stand out. In the US or Australia? Drive into the desert roads\outback. Switzerland? Up a mountain, or into a tunnel. Any other vehicle stands out then. Especially if you stop unpredictably, pull a U-Turn, etc. Also far enough into that tunnel and no phone signals.

There will ALWAYS be other radio signals around. You need to learn the difference between radio waves in the air and "bugs" that are tracking you.

Be aware that it is more likely that a tracking bug is attached to a car and then tracked by satellite. Cheaper on man-power as well. Usually stashed behind bumpers, or under the car, tucked inside the engine bay from beneath. A good mechanic would locate it if you asked him to look. (Plenty of photos online of the current FBI tech)

Blacked out SUVs and other cars are unlikely. They just stand out too much. They only really exist in the movies. If I wanted to follow you, I'd use normal cars and change them around a lot. Have a small team of my mates with hire cars and motorbikes. Or just attach a tracking bug as above.

As they say - Knowledge is power. Learn about your tech and you will get less worried about it.

But... after all this... the OP really is only hearing the electrical interference from his engine. He is not picking up radio waves on his laptop.
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Also remember, formatting a hard disk does not wipe any data. It just wipes the index. Think of it like taking a book and ripping out the index - the pages of data are still there.

If you need to wipe a hard disk, or even just clear the empty spaces on a running OS, then you should use a product like http://eraser.heidi.ie/ and do a military scrub. 3 passes is more than enough. Even a single pass scrub will remove enough traces to stop anyone recovering the data. Been surfing online? Then point this program at your cache after you finish and it will scrub your traces from the laptop.

In the past, as part of my job, I had a client wipe his PC, format it, reinstall Windows, install programs and updates. I then took that hard disk and recovered data from it that had been deleted ten years earlier. All the photos and documents were recovered.

Learn how disk scrubbers work. And if you are throwing a PC out - hit the hard disk with a hammer\cold chisel until you see lots of little pieces. Especially those silver platters from inside.
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in my exp, most cars / car stereos aren't wired properly for grounding, and so you get a lot of ground hum. i've also heard, in the speakers, the sound of the engine revving. there was no mic involved, so likely the alternator was bleeding into it.

the more HQ the car, the less i see these types of issues.

PENN STATE Radio or http://www.LION-Radio.org/
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