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Security Setting prevent WinVer functions from working

I am trying to update my NSIS script for making an installer that we have been using for years. Recently, my company has implemented HIPS and this seems to have affected the installers attempt to check the Window's version on the computer.

The code I am using is:

; First off, make sure we're using a minimum of Windows XP SP2...
${If} ${AtMostWinXP}
${AndIf} ${AtMostServicePack} 1
MessageBox MB_OK "This installer requires a minimum of Windows XP Service Pack 2. Please upgrade and rerun the installer."

I am running the installer on a Windows 7 computer, but this check fails and I get the message about needing to upgrade to XP SP2 and then it Aborts.

Through investigation with my IT, they gave me a script to disable the HIPS and the installer works just fine.

So, what I am trying to figure out is:
1. Where is "AtMostWinXP" looking to get the current Windows version on the computer. (Registry, if so where?) How does "AtMostWinXP" work?

2. What is a work around to allow me to check the windows version since our HIPS is preventing me from getting to that information...other than turn off HIPS during install. That is not something that we can do for each user that is trying to install the program.

-- Side note: I saw many scripts online that talk about getting the windows version from the registry: HKLM/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion. And then you can check yourself to determine what version is running. The examples showed "VersionNumber" as being a variable at this registry location, but our systems do not seem to have this "VersionNumber". Is it hidden somehow? Is it located somewhere else?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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