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No mouse control with modern skins in Windows 7 64bit

Having Windows7 Professional 64bit, I installed the latest Winamp (v5.5.6). With whatever modern skin, it does not work however. When I try to select a file in the library, by clicking on it, nothing happens. This is only in the library itself (artists, albums etc.) In the Media Library and Playlist panes there is no problem.
The only skin that does work is the default classic skin.
Funny thing is that I installed the same Winamp version on my wife's pc with Windows7 Home 32bit and there it works perfectly, also with modern skins.
I tried reinstalling and also a different mouse, but that doesn't help.
What could be the problem ? Does it mean that modern skins don't work under Windows7 64bit ?
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I'm having the same issue. I've actually been having it since vista 64 as well. Though with Vista the mouse would work from time to time. With Win 7 64, in the library I get nothing save frustration. I should probably note that I'm using Win 7 64 Enterprise.
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Having the same issue here. Anyone ever find a fix for this?
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I'm having the same problem too.

I used MS Media Player for .avi files, but installed QuickPlayer the other day to see what it was like...but I didn't like it so uninstalled it.

Since then (yesturday), Media Plyer won't play any avi or wmv files (well it plays but there is no picture, just sound).

I did a system restore before I installed QuickPlayer - but that didn't fix anthing.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Media play - still no fix.

I did a search on-line and people were talking about more codecs, so downloaded and installed those - still not fixed.

I then found a link to Winamp and installed that - I can now view my avi and wmv files

However.... the defailt classic skin has small buttons so I tried the other skins available. But now Winamp doesn't do anything on my mouse clicks on the play/stop buttons

The only way I can controll it is via keyboard short cuts or click on the tiny winamp logo in the task bar and navigate the player that way.

I even rebooted the PC to see if that would fix it, but no luck. Just have to use the default classic skin all the time.

...its one thing or another, why can't things work

Using Win XP SP3 using Winamp v5.571 (21 Dec 2009)
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I have the same issue in Vista Home Premium 32-bit. Mouse Controls work fine through the first song or video but stop working after that. Only happens when using the Modern Skin. UnInstall/ReInstall did not help. I plan to try a few other skins and see if this helps.
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This problem has hit me recently' it worked fine at first but has suddenly stopped - I'm on Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit with Winamp v5.581.
Basically if I use the classic skin then everything's fine, if I use any modern skin then I have full control over the playlist and actual player windows but not the media library window. One or two things will respond to clicks but the rest almost seems like the mouse pointer is 'offset' to the bottom right of where it should be - for example on the bento skin the handle to resize the media tree on the left actually turns up halfway across the media library window.

I've completely reinstalled WinAmp with no effect - has anyone come up with a fix yet?
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Fixed it! I have the Windows display size set to 150% as I'm using it as an HTPC - for some reason when I set this back to 100% Winamp started picking up the mouse in the right place again, I was then able to return to 150% without the problem coming back.
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The problem still exist. Can see it on latest winamp in Vista x64.
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