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Winamp keeps "muting itself," cannot un-do

Back when I used to be able to edit playlists (see other thread), after doing so, if I saved it off and closed winamp, when I opened it back up, winamp had no sound. My sound worked fine otherwise and nothing was muted, including winamp (ie no mute button selected etc). ??

I found an older post elsewhere that said if you install it in a folder named anything other than "Winamp," it would fix it...and on re-install, it does work initially, but when I save a playlist and close it then bring it back up, the mute problem is there again. Repeated uninstalling and re-installing gets old, to say the least. Anyone know of a fix?
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PS: saw this about posting just now, so FYI:

-A List of Plugins (*click* for full details): Shoutcast DSP
-PC or Motherboard make/model: Toshiba
-CPU & RAM: Pentium R, 2.2MHz, 4GB
-Sound card or chip: Realtek (came w/system)
-Videocard: no clue. This info is not in specs. I think it's embedded (whatever came with)
-Windows OS (including Service Pack, eg. WinXP sp2): 7
-DirectX version (start > run > dxdiag): 11
-Winamp version (eg. 5.666): 5.666
-Confirmation of the Winamp installation type (Pro, Full, Bundle, Lite): Full, with default settings used
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Never heard of this one before. Has to be something unique to your setup. Get an info tool report sorted as you'll be surprised how often people forget about old plugins.

Weird thing is I can't even think where they *is* a mute button in Winamp.

Also be warned that this forum technically disappeared yesterday, so if it disappears before you get an answer nip over and register at winampforum.com
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have heard of it happening with older versions of the Source DSP or when the PTT option has been force enabled and the Source DSP is set to auto-start with Winamp. hence why an actual info report (http://forums.winamp.com/showthread....161361#plugins) is needed (as per the part-quoted sticky thread) is required to know the _exact_ versions of the plug-ins being used (and anything else which you may not think is relevant but is for those looking at the reports).
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Since I have never installed any other plug-ins of any kind, I don't think that's it. The Shoutcast thing is v 2.3.3. I did try an older version ("2011") but didn't matter......

Thx for the new link!
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Hey, don't know if you fixed this or not yet, but I found the solution - at least I believe so (haven't done anymore testing than just closing Winamp and opening again). It was the comment that the Shoutcast Source DSP could be the cause of this, so what I did was I opened the DSP and in "Input" I looked at the Soundcard Mixer Control. Just change "Music Level" to whatever (mine's currently set to -11 dB), and it should be good.

Hope it helps.
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