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Make Winamp more user friendly

I have made the Windows version of Winamp more user friendly by making it more stable, but there are still holes. We would like to have a product where the playlist is never interrupted accidentally and where the windows do not change gratuitously. To that end I have made a skin which gets rid of single key commands, but unfortunately not all. It is a laborious process. A single option to do that would be very appreciated.

Along with this an option to only allow enqueuing rather than enqueue and play is vital. This type of thing should be in the Android version as well. Along with this an option to only allow enqueueing a single track, or have a selectable limit on the number of tracks would be wonderful. All too often people have accidentally enqueued the whole library, which freezes Winamp for quite a while.

We rejected iTunes on either an iPod or PC because it caused problems with interrupting playlists. Also it was too easy for people to accidentally change the names of tracks. Having to deliberately right click and select an option is great for a PC, and there should be a similar provision for Android. One should not just hold down to change a name, or whatever convention is current. One should be required to do a second level of selection. Of course this could be modified by an option as to the level of safety vs immediacy.

My extensively modified skin is at:
Yes, it is built on the Modern Skin, but has huge modifications designed for use by teachers and recreational dancers. It allows foolproof programming of a dance program. But it is not damnfoolproof.
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