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Dear WinAmp-
Thank you for such a great, free product.
Here's the bug report: In 2.61 & 2.62 and possibly others, running on both NT and 2000, on a PIII 533b, whenever I try to sort my 1000 song play list, I get crazy results. It only sorts some of them.
Here's the work around: It appears that WinAmp is only sorting the songs it has in its memory. After startup, start scrolling down. You will hear your hard drive work as WinAmp displays each new song. Slowly scroll all the way to the bottom so that WinAmp see's each song, and doesn't just skip down a "page". At the bottom, using the scroll wheel, scroll back up. You can now do this quickly. If you harddrive doesn't make a sound then WinAmp has encountered all the songs. Now do the sort. It works!
Can this be fixed?
Best Regards,
-Glenn GlennAndKathy@home.com
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