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Advanced Playlist Control & Advanced Jump to File

I was just wondering if it was possible to add special entries into the playlist... such as e.g. play control options. So I'd like to create a playlist like this:

Song 1
Song n
Suspend Play
Song n+1
Song n+o
Resume Play
Song n+o+1
Song n+o+p

This wold make WinAmp play songs from 1 to n, than skip songs n+1 to n+o, than play songs n+o+1 to n+o+p and then stop.

Things like this would allow you to skip some files from the middle of your playlist without making it necessary to regenarate your playlist.
I'd put entries like these to my playlist:
- Stop (Stops playback when WinAmp reaches this entry. Something like 'Stop after current' but with multiple files)
- Suspend Play (Skips songs from playlist until it reaches a Resume Play entry)
- Resume Play (see above... )

'Jump to File'-thingie:

I'd really appreciate a more advanced 'Jump to File' plugin. (Maybe I should suggest in in the plugin's forum? o_O) Something like an id3-tag editor, with separate fileds for title, artist, album, track number, and so on. I just can't stand when I have a song with the same title as the album it's on, and I have to search along in the Jump to File dialogue box. It would be way more simple to have separate fields (and an 'anywhere' field, which would work just like the Jump to File's search for text input) instead of a general one.
Maybe (to keep things simple) an advanced formatting extension would be just as great. So when looking for a song with 'girl' in the title and not in the album's title, I could write '%title%girl' maybe with a closing tag, like %/title%.
The other thing is Jump to File tends not to search to some special characters. I'm totaly struck when I'm trying to find a file with the pronoun 'a' in the title, because if I type ' a ' to the Search for Text filed, it does just the same than if I typed 'a'. Just the same with some special characters, like '-'. Something with RegExp-s could help this problem, so I'd be glad if I could write an input like \a..z-\a..z, which meant any character from the alphabet than a minus than any character again. This would not include the separating - in the track names, becouse those usually contain spaces prior and after the minus sign.

I guess that's all. Thanx for reading!
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