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multiple setup files...


does anyone know, if the nullsoft installer is capable of writing out more than one executable file ?
Our problem is, that our setup file is very large (~2GB) which needs a lot of time if being extracted unter vista and/or from dvd.

Can I use multiple setup files and which would be the fastest way to decompress them if they all reside on a dvd.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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If you care most about speed, you should use CopyFiles.

If you want to compress them, you can either use a zip/7z/whatever, or you can ExecWait a silent NSIS installer that unpacks to a path supplied as command-line parameter.
You could use one of the banner plugins if you want to show a Please Wait to the user, I guess.
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Develop small setup.exe [few MBs] and add your data files into archive [cab zip 7z etc]
Create appropriate directories [if necessary] or do some actions [writing to registry etc] and then use plugin for unpacking files from archive.

I recommend to use CABSetup.dll which works fine with .cab archives, shows total progress [%], shows currently extracted file, remaining time...

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All right. Thank you for the suggestions. I will try them out.

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