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Videos only playing once

I have an extremely annoying problem with winamp. Two, actually, though one isn't winamp specific.

With winamp, I can load and play a movie (any type) just fine. works great. However, when I try to play another movie, winamp closes the video window and plays the file audio only. The only way to get winamp to play another video is to close the program and restart it. As an avid anime fan, well, you can well imagine how annoying this gets. (Also: Yes, I have ffdshow installed.)

The second problem isn't winamp-related, though hopefully one of you will know a solution: occasionally, and for no apparent reason, my computer will stop being able to play videos of any kind: they turn all black with bits of blue in rare frames. This happens no matter which application I use, or which format of movie I try to play. Restarting my computer fixes the problem, though only temporarily: it will rear its ugly head once again sometime later; again, I have no idea what causes it.

mobo: nForce 680i SLI
CPU: intel core2 quad
RAM: 2gb
Sound card: RealTek onboard (surround)
Videocard: nVidia GeForce 8800 GTS
OS: WinXP64 sp2
DX ver: 9.0c
Winamp ver: 5.52 (Full)
List of Plugins: attached
video stuffs: ffdshow, directvobsub

Not sure what else to list, so I'll answer any questions necessary.

The problem I really want fixed is the movies playing once per winamp session.

I would greatly appreciate any help.
~ Ash
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Winamp -> Prefs (Ctrl+P) -> Video:

Uncheck 'Close video window after video playback ends'

The problem is actually due to the old MMD3 skin, which needs updating:

(there's also a workaround fix for MMD3 referenced in that thread).

If any problems persist with Winamp, then I'd suggest removing your 3rd-party plugins:
AdPlug/Winamp v1.7a [in_adlib.dll]
GEZamp v0.2+(beta) (x86) [in_gez.dll]
Highly Advanced v0.11 [in_gsf.dll]
NEZplug v0.9.4.8 + 2 (x86) [in_nez.dll]
NotSo Fatso - NSF/NSFe Player - v0.851 [in_NotSoFatso.dll]
Highly Experimental PSF1/PSF2 Player v2.09 [in_psf.dll]
Winamp Sid File Player (based on libsidplay 2.1.1) [in_sid2.dll]
Alpha-II SPC Player v3.2 (x86) [in_snes.dll]
UMX Decoder v0.6.s3m (x86) [in_umx.dll]
64th Note v1.1 FINAL 2/10/06 [in_usf.dll]
VGM input plugin v0.35 beta Jul 6 2006 11:23:54 [in_vgm.dll]
[moo] MSN Status Line v0.1 [gen_msn.dll]

As for your other problem....

1. Please attach a dxdiag log.
2. Make sure you've got the latest & correct nVidia/x64 graphics drivers...
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