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Advanced Media Library (Sync options)

Hello guys,

I would like to know if there's any plan to create or improve the actual media library, or if there's another implementation (external program) that helps with sorting the media.

Here's the list of features that i think a media library should include:
  • Create a UniqueID for every media file: this will help to identify the same file in multiple locations. Right now i think most people have their backup on CDs/DVDs and play files direct from that media and sometimes copy files to the hard drive to listen while they search for something else on another the CD/DVD. Also that will help to identify files with different file name when they actually are the same file, right now if you sort your hard drive and move the MP3 Directory you have to do a massive amount of work just to adjust the media library to recognize the ratings (even with the export ML plug in). [My personal idea is to create a CRC check on the file when is added to ML, and maybe add it to an MP3v2 tag to always check for that file, if the file doesn't have it it would be calculated on the fly]
  • Sync between MLs: For people that have multiple computers this is a great idea, cus it will tract changes and be able to replicate all the stations to keep the media library updated, since the file will have an UniqueID it will be easy to do it.
  • History of playing: there should be a part of the database that tracks when the file was playing, that way we can create playlists based on that kind of parameters, for example it would be cool to create a playlist of the top 50 files that i play during the weekend during the night. And also create "hit lists" and compare between weeks, to see what are the actual personal tendencies... that will help also the people like me that have a mp3 player and keep swapping the content (lack of space 2gb pocket pc) and always have the lasted numbers of songs i play while i work or hang around at home.
  • ML organization: since files will have the UniqueID, it will be easy to add a way to reorganize all the media in a massive batch process, where you can set ur media root and sort everything from where based on the conditions you specify... that will help to categorize the new media.

I have to recognize i don't have the programming skills to implement such solution, but I guess Winamp developers can do it in matter of months, they just need to redefine the media library starting from scratch.
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I stand in agreement, I'd love to be able to sync the media library of my desktop to my laptop.
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Re: Advanced Media Library (Sync options)

[QUOTE]Originally posted by ken1to
[My personal idea is to create a CRC check on the file when is added to ML, and maybe add it to an MP3v2 tag to always check for that file, if the file doesn't have it it would be calculated on the fly][/i]

im actually working on a visual basic program using the activewinamp plugin that does something like that.. so i can move my songs around and still keep all the playcounts and ratings.... in theory it should work if the file is renamed too.. i'll have to test for that.. i dont have add anything to tags because that limits the filetype to just mp3.. i have alot of ogg files and id3 tags + ogg = no good

but anyway what it does is initially scan your media library.. for each file i generate a md5 hash and associate all the song data with it...

after all that is done you can move files around on your hard drive and whatnot... scan the moved/renamed files into the ML.. then run the restore option in my program and it restores all the original ratings/playcounts/etc... its a time consuming process if you have a large ML.. but being able to move files around without worrying about losing all the ML data is worth it

edit: theoretically this could work with syncing 2 MLs on different computers as well... again as long as the file itself is identical(minus its path and filename)
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