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2 Seperate Mono Streams from Stereo Source

Anyone know of a way to stream 2 mono streams from a single stereo source? I want to send the left channel to one server and the right channel to another...
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i think you'll need two soundcards as I do not think Winamp will do that ( or any other client ) for you.

You can run multiple instances of Winamp.

You may also have to configure the mixer in a clever way so each instance uses a different sound input, but again that may not be possible ..


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I know a way, but it's not easy ... requires a sound blaster audio card supported by kx project audio driver, a bit of tweaking of the soundblaster DSP and a modified version software I wrote which takes audio from ASIO and feeds it to shoutcast DSP - the modification would feed to two instances of the shoutcast DSP, pretty easy to write

Is it just me or are shoutcast users getting dumber?
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