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Similar Software to Virtual Cable?

My online radio station is relaunching in a few months and thinking of purchasing Virtual Cable to do a few things.

Firstly - using virtual cable we have been able to link SAM Broadcaster and Skype together so that we can do live calls without expensive equipment yet keep the quality nice, clean and crisp.

Secondly - Using this method we can also do joint shows two or more presenters - without these presenters all being in the same room - all the presenters are on Skype with one of those presenters having them linked up with virtual cable while they also stream the show.

I've found virtual cable pretty good - however some of our presenters may find it confusing - I've been setting up 4 virtual cables to get the system to work.

I'm looking for something that can save the settings - So presenters can add like a favourite configuration to the virtual software and won't have to keep adding the 4 lines each time.

Anyone know if any software like this exists?

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I know there is at least one other "device" like this but I can not remember the name. That said I have never used any of them.

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If you find a solution, be sure to let me know. I tried VC and just could not get it working.
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VAC works very well - when it works. I've found it to be a bit complicated to work with, and you have to start applications and access recording/playback devices in the correct order for things to work reliably.

Your best bet is to tell your DJs to disable standard system sounds and record from "What U Hear" or "Stereo Mix" if these options are available. This will broadcast anything that comes out of the speakers, just like you would with VAC, but without having to setup all of the virtual cables first. The only catch is that these "devices" are dependent on the sound card's drivers, and may not be available on all machines.

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