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Ah, my bad for not reading your post completely. I've reverted the wiki entry.

Edit: As for why it doesn't work, not sure, I'm not that pro with preprocessor magic. But his/her 'suggested' code, even if it were working, changes LogicLib in a way that breaks backwards compatibility. It is therefore a big no-no. Also, if he/she wants to change logiclib, he/she should submit a patch for logiclib.nsh, not start messing around with the wiki page and advising people to do bad things.
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I guess that's true, but they didn't advise modifying LogicLib.nsh - the code goes inside your .nsi right after LogicLib.nsh is included and merely replaces the functionality of LogicLib. It goes after LogicLib so it doesn't override the new macro. The information about FileExists returning true for directories is a useful addition to the Wiki but the provided solution just doesn't work with IfNot or Unless...
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I thought a problem must be correct: Switch... Case... EndSwitch is used to detect the numeric value of the variable. But once I use it, I found in fact it can't be used to compare numbers. Such as I have defined a hexadecimal notification code 0x0300, if it is used to compile with a decimal number returned by NSIS, of course, they undoubtedly are not equal. Actually, I found that Switch and Case are only used in mathematical expression but not a string. So I modify the header, use the macro "_=" to replace with the original "_==". But I still advice official developtors to modify this.

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