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I think the rewiewers suck ass!!

So i wanna create a skin library of my one!!

Anyone interested???

It's only one prob! I hate making sites....
If someone wanna do this then you have to make the site!!!

This is a suck ass offer, but its just becouse i hate the rewiewers that gives 2 stars for a kick ass skin!!!

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Neo Skinz
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That would be quite a big job to undertake, and there are alot of skin sites out there all ready, it would have to be pretty damn good to stand out from the rest!

I'm to busy with my own little site and other stuff (mainly fragging in Unreal Tournament ) so I cant really help in the creation of a skins site.

I wouldnt say that all the reviewers here suck, I said some, not all. There appears to be some that over rate skins and others who seem to under rate skins...I was unlucky to get one of the bastard reviewerers who slated my skin for no good reason as far as I could tell! Hopefully if we all make a big deal about it then we will get the revierers to buck up thier ideas and implement a better reviewing system that everyone can agree with...and hopefully my skin will get a re-review and get a better rating, I'd be quite happy with 4 stars.

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ack..!! not another skin site....
there are plenty out the all ready...
and many more...
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