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AVS Preset: Super Solar Charged Particles

A AVS Preset I created out of the whim after I downloaded the newer version for Winamp, Winamp 5.5. Although it seems simple enough, which anyone can do. It's like baby stuff, but I tried my hardest for it to flow along with the beat of the song. I guess it gives different performances depending on what song you play. The louder the song, and heavier the beat, the more it will do.

I am always open up to suggestions and comments. If you wish, you can edit it, and post it up on here. It could be a remix. I'll try to come up with some more to post up on here to be commented or edited, depending on how dull they are...I know many won't like it due to it's simplicity, but I did try to have it work along with the beat over looks.

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Sorry for double posting. Will not happen again. This is a edit of my previous post.
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Thanks for taking the time to show us your work, not many people do this nowadays.

As you said, it's not that impressive. (It actually reminded me of one of my early presets though.)
The video delay caught me out, you don't see that being used much. (generally as it's not that useful.)

Be sure to check out some of the tutorials or even pick apart other peoples work to see how they did something, doing that should help you make more interesting presets.

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Lol. XD Thanks. Yea, it isn't all too impressive yet. With a little tinkering, maybe it'll blow peoples minds.

Yea. XD I wanted to use the video delay to go with the beat of any song. And yea, not many use that anymore. I guess it went out of style. Nah. XD I think it does have it's uses.

I sure will. If I take apart some peoples AVS, and use a piece of it, I'll mention it in the credit portion. Maybe figure out how it's done, then simply try to make something original from it. I'll come up with something. I always seem to do that.

And not a problem. I see not a whole lot of people bother with this nowadays. It's changed a lot since the last I've been here.
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Thumbs up I like it

I think this vis is good, it does what a visualizer should do which is make a visual experience to coincide with your music...mission accomplished.

It looked to me like it was glitching up at first so i did a little modding, removed a few things to keep it flowing, didn't really add anything, but this is what i ended up with. Hope you like my little tweeked version of your work.
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Pretty Sweet

It's true that this isn't the best, but it's exicuted smoothly (with the ocational video delay). I really like your dynamic movement. Try these changes to the original:

>Add an effects list after Trans/Blur and move the video
delay inside. Change the effects list input to replace and
output to maximum.
>Add a buffer save at the end of the preset
>After the buffer save, add an effects list and change the
input to buffer. In the effects list, add a movement like
bubbleing ******d.

Thanks for posting your preset
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