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in need of banned aid
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guys, need help with button placement

like i wrote on the skinning forum, i'm back on spacewing after years of neglection, i've seen my past attempts at skinning here, many people helped me and encouraged me (most of the special ones like pixelpusher, joshuatree, gonzotek, and many others, seem to be gone forever)
and on my more serious attempts i made a critical error on trying to please everyone and ending up with a big mess but big unrealized potential.

so no more, i aint posting it until i'm near completion and need mostly touchups that the general public can point out.

right now i'm still on the designing and redesigning stage, which means that actual player buttons are not there yet and i dont know what to do with my main display as far as songticker and time and the likes, its pretty much open in this stage.

i know you people will probably gonna tell me "just look at tutorials" or "trial and error, and you'll eventually get something that you like", but its not that easy, i'm simply stuck on some button placement and ideas, that also includes getting ideas of filling "blank" spaces so the skin will not feel empty.

if anybody can give me a hand, i'd rather talk to you on MSN messenger first of all (mostly for file transfers), if thats not possible... email or PMs should be ok, i'd probably need a nice small file server to store the PSD in, i can then flatten unneeded layers to save on size (this is the platform to tell you that i'm using photoshop cs3, but it has compatibilty settings so as long as your version is not too outdated, you should be fine).

whoever accepts this "job", should be informed that the PSD i'm giving is not for stealing, just like you wouldn't want me stealing your work if i was the helping side, right?
(ok, about eng3l being the original author of this skin, he abandoned it basically, after i posted a request for taking the skin as my own and getting no denies from him, its a form of an okay as far as i can see)

the picture i posted on the other forum linked on the modern skins thread is not what i have right now, i've continued working on it since and implemented some simple but cool things, if you would like to see what i have now, send me a PM (or post here if you cant be arsed), and i'll be happy to show you what i have right now, if i dont answer you in about 24 hours, i've already got someone or i simply hate you (hehe, j/k), thats all you need to know right now

please people, i know i'm the king of ruining good threads and some of you hate me to death, but please dont make fun of me or be sarcastic like always, i know how to show respect if its called for (and when i'm not that bored), so please respect me back
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in need of banned aid
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i've only posted it here because the skinning forum above is pretty dead, otherwise i would have already posted it there, i behave
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