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Milkdrop Desktop Mode Selection Problems

Super new, but I'v been meaning to make an account here for a while, this gave me a good excuse to start one...
I'v done a bunch of research and I still can't find the solution...
anyway, I'v got a decent setup with 2 screens. It's fancy and all, but I just recently just started playing around with milkdrop. Amazing isn't it? So beautiful.
I wanted it to have a nice effect by turning on background mode, but only on my second monitor. So I'v set it to use my secondary video out on my GPU. Works like a charm.

Or so I thought... after a few minutes of playing around and this running on my second screen, I noticed that I couldn't select icons on my screen on the left. Neither can I create the selection boxes in windows for selecting multiple items. It just doesn't work at all, and if I want to open the item (folder, program, whatever) I need to double click quickly otherwise It will not register as a double click. Also when I click on the left screen, the visualization on the right flashes white sometimes. Kind of annoying.

So I was wondering If anyone els has/had this issue and knows how to fix it.
Thanks in advance

BTW Specs:
3.6 ghz duel core
Nvidia GTX 460
4gb ram
Windows 7 x64
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The whole Desktop Mode is borked under Windows 7, you can be happy, that you were able to run it at all. For me, DM is completely broken even on a single monitor only.

So the whole Desktop Mode implementation needs tons of Windows fixes/improvements. But when/if this ever will be happing I cannot say.
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Ahh really?

Well, then I guess I am pretty happy then!
thanks for the reply.
Sorry about your issues
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