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What smart/mobile app do you play audio with?

Here and here, I mentioned my interest in what other people use to play audio on their mobile/smart devices. I love wAp so much because it really suits my needs; and after a long and frustrating search, I've found a music player app for my phone, which really does the job well. And it makes me -- finally -- not miss my beloved Creative JukeBox Zen Xtra anymore!

So! A little questionaire. Please copy the question numbers (or simply re-iterate), and answer.

If you've time, I'd really like to hear WHY you keep using that app; what you love about it, or what you miss.

Multiple Apps / answers are fine! And any additional info/opinions that you like to give, are welcome!

1) Which music player do you use on your mobile device?
(E.g.: Google Play Music, Musicolet, Vanilla, the default 'stock' player that came with your phone, ...)

2) What is the operating system of said device?
(E.g. Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, ...

3) If you listen to audio books, what player do you use for that?
(E.g., AuBoo, Voice, Simple ABP, ...)

4) ( Optional: ) Did you pay for any of the above apps, and did this elevate your experience over that of a freemium version?

(Let me know if anyone wants to hear my own answers -- I have tried and use multiple apps, for various reasons.)

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I mostly play music on my phone using WAFA (Yes, and it works like a charm) and on my OEM player (Samsung Music). I have Android, the Pro Stub of Winamp, and I don't have audiobook readers, cuz I don't listen to.
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