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2ryme rap

I don't prefer to see tha crazy bloody red rum
I also don't prefer seeing u on da street as a frontin' bum
But if you are gonna play something terribly dumb
I ain't gonna be scared to drop tha scary, nasty bomb

When you press all the little magic buttons
You be thinking of the day when y'all were little gluttons
And when you rip the crap out of me, not nuttin'
I'd still have to do some real cuttin'

The cadence is off, low, low
The people of the world are feeling so-so
The rich dawgs are saying hell no
And the race car drivers say go go

Y'all be watching little scaredy flicks
While some minor baseball team is losing to Knicks
Knickerbockers be way out of their picks
Cause it ain't their problem, it's the geeks

While tha brothers be wearin' blue FUBU
Tha little eighteen-old be saying I Lub U
And electronic artists saying they can dub too
We all still wondering by DRE don't speak Hindu

Yes, I be walkin' in the park for real
My dawgs be taken by CIA, for real
I'll be still pissed off at them, for real
People giving me the middle finger, for real

I'm sick of all this
People be wasting time to read dis
And I know that wit' a .45 I ain't gonna miss dis
I still got a beautiful girl to kiss

Fission, mission, hissing
Kissing, killing, drilling
Working, forkin', dorking
Rapping, napping, clappin'
Save us from the frappin'

Be people who innocent as hell
And them governments be saying "Oh, well."
But it's all as good as the computers by Dell
We don't know yet just how we fell
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