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Transparent skin -> drawer problem

hi community
i just registered here to ask if you maybe have a solution for my problem...
I want to create a transparent skin and i also want to include a drawer. but the drawer can be seen through the main window

drawer closed

drawer open

is there a possibility to really hide the drawer while hidden?
im not really a pro in skinning so a tutorial would be nice

thanks in advance :P
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Put the top half in the main layout (as it is atm)
Then put the drawer in a group that starts its y pos just above the end of the player. Then the drawer will never show under the main skin part.

Something like this:

//skin part
<group id="abc" x="0" y="50" w="0" h="30" relatw="1"/>

<groupdef id="abc">
<group id="mydrawer" />

<groupdef id="mydrawer">
//button code

Hope this makes sense

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hmm i think i know what you mean but i cant figure it out can you explain it a little bit more? or would it help you if i load up my current settings?
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I think he means to start the y-coordinate of your drawer where the y-coordinate of the main window stops...something like:

<groupdef id="maingroup" w="385" h="432" >
<layer id="mainbg" x="0" y="0" image="player.background" w="385" h="432" sysregion="1" />

then you would set your drawer's y axis at 431 in my example. You would be sure to define a larger height for your main window to keep the lower part of the drawer from being cut off, probably the sum of the main and drawer in pixels. In my example it would be 432+(drawer height). Hope this helps.
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