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ASIO/WASAPI input into winamp?

So basically I have this program that takes my music from an external program¹(see referenced as ¹) and can output it to an ASIO device or a WASAPI device. I'm looking for someway to get that stream over to winamp...so that way theoretically winamp would be playing the music that originally came from this program¹ . And then I could take winamp and have it output to my shoutcast. So My program¹> to a plugin that outputs to ASIO/WASAPI>to winamp>shoutcast.

Help me make this happen and I'll love you forever. Really. If you need my to explain further what it is I'm trying to do I'm sure I can try to do so. Thanks for any help in advance!

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ASIO Caps 64.exe

I found this file, added to Winamp and ran executable. However, Winamp still only offers the two options in the drop down menu (SHOUTcast stream) of Winamp or Soundcard.

Sorry no one has replied as yet do let us know if you figure it out. Do a search for "ASIO Caps 64.exe" which is to capture the ASIO and allow you to stream it. (There is a non-64 bit version too if needed). It said to put it in the Winamp file folder (directory) one place, and in Plugins in another so I copied to both.

My VST effects can only be added real-time when my soundcard is under control of ASIO. During this time Winamp cannot hear the output, and therefore unable to stream - bumber.
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This is an interesting thread. My audio interface may be able to do this, but I've never had a need to. Most pro audio interfaces allow you to route and mix audio to different destinations. Mine does, and I will give it a try when I get back home. The only potential issue I see is ASIO and WDM both sharing the same channel. This would have to happen in order for Winamp to play the audio through DirectSound. It may work okay (again, never had a need to do this).

I am not aware of software alone offering this though.

EDIT: I just checked the manual of my interface. This can be done with no problem at all. The caveat is that ASIO and WDM cannot be shared on the same stereo channels as I suspected above. This is no issue, because the same stereo output may be routed to a different channel for Winamp to pickup.

If you cannot accomplish this in software, you can do it with better hardware.
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