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White Raven

Hi guys, it's White Raven, I can't find what email the account is attached to so I can't request a password change, can someone help?

Thanks dudes, long time no see.
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Uhhh since I can't edit I guess I have to doublepost.
OK so you can reach me at jamie [atsymbol] neurodolphin [periodcom]
or on twitter as [atsymbol] neurodolphin

But for real like, I want my old-ass account back. I probably don't have access to whatever ancient email it's associated with though.
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I know Mr El Jefe Senor Jones can fix this, so I suspect someone else with admin access can get you squared away in short order.

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Mr Jones
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You used ...

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Tragically, that email no longer exists, so I'm not sure what I can do now! What a pickle D:
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White Raven
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Sorted it out mate, using real Hollywood Hacking stuff.
We're good, please delete this thread at the earliest convenience!

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