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Sabine Klare
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About computers, routers, internet, backup-copies, accounts and more

I had posted in the thread about cPro2 - Winamp for Mac Sync a while ago, when there was a discussion about different malware (virusses, worms, trojans, ransomware) and blackmails (not to forget the hackers), but also about false-positive reports. A false-positive report is much better than if the malware cannot be discovered by the antivirus-software, and in the past there were less malware around the web than in the times of today. But also the problems with the false-positive reports should be fixed, of course.

Many users forgot to make backup-copies. Suddenly a computer cannot be turned on anymore, and Windows has to be reinstalled (I have heard about that especially with XP). In many other cases a harddrive has died, C or D, or the whole computer (the laptop). Then all files are lost. And if ransomware has appeared on a computer with a blackmail and if the user has payed, then there is no warranty, that the user will get back the access to the encrypted files. Mostly the files have been damaged and cannot be used anymore.

What is better, backup-copies on removable drives (external harddrives or USB-Sticks) or backup-copies on CDs and DVDs? If there was no malware yet on the computer and if the CD or DVD had been finalized, then it can be inserted, and nothing can happen to the backup-copies. But no new files can be added to the folders and no files can be renamed anymore. Changings can be done only on the removable drives. It is good to have the same files on more than only 1 removable drive, CD or DVD (in case a removable drive, CD or DVD gets damaged). But nothing will help anymore, if suddenly the home is destroyed by a fire. And the backup-copies cannot be stored in another room than the computer(s), if the apartment is a 1-room-apartment and not a 2-room-apartment.

I had suggested 2x2 external harddrives with the same files, 2 at home, 2 in a safe of a bank, updated and exchanged from time to time (2x2 in case 1 gets broken and has to be replaced). But housebreakers can steal also the content from a safe, after for example some old widowed women had thought, that their jewelry would be more secure in the safe of the bank than in their villas. In houses and apartments the housebreakers love to steal not only the money and jewelry, also the computers, monitors, TV, HiFi-systems, musical intruments, studio equipment, CDs, DVDs etc. It is a nightmare for the victims to come back home and see, that unknown people were in their home, had searched in their private things and stolen their most loved objects.

There are also cloud storages in the internet. Mostly online-banking is required, if these should be 1000 GB, and not everybody wants to make online-banking. Of course the user can register and store everything as backup-copies there. And it is bad, if the user suddenly loses the access to the account or the account itself together with all the uploads, because the account is deleted or the website itself is shut down.

Many users have their accounts on many websites, also on music websites and on social networks. Hopefully they have no nasty family members and no nasty related people who want to order the deletion of the accounts after the death of the users, also if the users wanted to keep their accounts alive. Of course a user never should do a copyright infringement. But also real artists, who had 100% copyrights for the content in all their uploads, suddenly can lose their accounts. Until 2010 the users on YouTube had no problems, if they had written many PMs and many comments, but now I don't recommend that anymore, on no music website and on no social network. But maybe it had happened, that unauthorized people had got access to the account and sent spam from this account. It happens especially to many E-Mail-Accounts.

Never use the credit card number or TAN on the mobile devices at WLAN-hotspots. Mabye the other person near the user is not honest, reads all activities of the user and then knows also the E-Mail-Address and password. If the WLAN and Bluetooth at home are not really needed, then they should be turned off. The WLAN of newer routers should not be open, but maybe unknown people with mobile devices outside had hacked the codes and got access to the network of the people at home. After we had turned off the WLAN in December 2014, suddenly the unknown people with the mobile devices on the other side of the street had disappeared, and had stood there everyday for many hours. I had known already in 2015, that also routers can be hacked and not only computers. In November 2016 nearly 1 million routers from our telephone provider had been hacked, our model was one of the mentioned models. The same had happened also in November 2014.

What is really secure? Nothing. We can only try to do the best. The suggestion to use more than 1 method for backup-copies is still a good solution...

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account, backup, computer, internet, router

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