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Newbie Q: Is there a way to slow down presets?


Milkdrop developers are geniuses. Like we didn't know already.

Is there a way for a newbie to slow down a preset to half, a quarter, eighth or sixteen of the speed they process frames?

I can get to the coding of a present by pressing M, but I'm lost to figure out how to make a preset be slower than it is. There are other presets that develop very slow, which is great, but is there an way to make a fast moving preset slow down?

Thank you for your help.
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Hi Kozmyk

This may be possible for many presets, but there is no general solution that fits all. You would have to find out how to do it for each preset individually, and that won't be easy.
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Thank you for your reply. I was hoping for a quick and dirty answer but it seems it's not possible.

Take care.
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