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The exact same Visualization. But in VR.

If you haven't tried a modern VR headset, you should. It's actually not awful. There are a lot of kaliedescope videos, but since you want the video resolution to be 4k-9k they're gigantic. So it'd be pretty fucking fantastic if Winamp did the same thing Winamp did in the past.

Come on, we all know how much better the visualizations can make innocent drug free evenings contemplating Our Lord, and something tells me that they would be just about infinitely better if it looked like you were floating in pure darkness with the crazy glowy flashing lines flying and pulsing with the music in a full sphere around you.

If it was a game of "How badass would that be" having this happen is probably the only realistic answer that could win. And you'd be completely assured that millions of people would be downloading Winamp again. If you own the code to all those visualizations and the engine it shouldn't be a terribly difficult thing to do. If you don't own the individually created visualizations, just ignore that and publicly post every one that needs removed by the author's wish by their name. I doubt many who'd work to make one wouldn't want to see it made even better, and even less will want to after we kill the first few so you'll be fine.
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