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SHOUTcast v2.6 with AAC+ bugs

Hello! We detected a problem with SHOUTcast v2.6, if you use it in AAC+ it starts to buffer you, and it is reconnecting to 10 seconds, if you use SHOUTcast v2.5 on AAC+ it goes smoothly without interruption.
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The reason is this message:
WARN [Licence sid=2] Format is not MP3, where only MP3 is allowed
in logs.
I´m using Centova and now have this problem with v2.6.
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Do you also own Premium?
If not, you can stream to 128 kbit/s. As well as only on mp3.

You don't need a premium if you don't use an authhash and you don't want to be listed.

Premium Features: https://www.shoutcast.com/Pricing

Luca Stratmann
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As I was developing support for the Shoutcast V2 protocol for Rocket Broadcaster, I think I ran into the exact same issue you had here with AAC+ and Shoutcast 2.6.

Specifically, AAC, HE-AAC v2 (AAC+), and HE-AAC v1 all no longer work in Shoutcast 2.6. Confusingly, it's unclear if this is intentional or not, since it seems to correspond to Shoutcast.com introducing their "business" plans and I haven't found any official communication about the status of AAC+ in 2.6.

I also found another issue, which that AAC streams are unplayable on the Shoutcast.com
directory website if the streams are hosted by a Shoutcast 2.5 server. Streams are playable if they come from a Shoutcast 2.4 server. I think this one is more clearly just a bug. I was unable to test this case for Shoucast 2.6 since AAC is universally broken in that version.

I think these quirks are going to cause so much confusion for Shoutcast users that I even put them in my official Streaming Server Compatibility documentation. I also reached out months ago to the Shoutcast support team about these issues and never received any response.
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Yes, getting error,
"stream detected AACv2, LC (2), 22050hz, estimated 96 kbps WARN [Licence sid=1] Format is not MP3, where only MP3 is allowed"

with Shoutcast DNAS/win32 v2.6.0.753 (Apr 25 2019). It will no longer serve the stream. I reverted back to and it works correctly.

Does version 2.6.0 no longer allow AAC+ streams?
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