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re-evaluating the streaming service

Hi there,
So, I used the free streaming service for several months last year, and found it to be very buggy. Always cut in and out, which eventually caused me to lose listeners. However, I understand that things can always get better.
Right now, I currently pay $69 a month for service with radio.co. I really like their service, and feel that it has some nice features, but when the goal is just to get my station to the masses, and I can either pay $69, or pay nothing, if the service performs as needed, then the choice seems rather obvious. Granted, I would like to see some of those features with the free streaming service, such as an auto dj that would come on as soon as our streams go down and fade right out when the stream is live again. I find that rather nice. Also, the ability to stream once to the server, and then they automatically give me a second mobile stream, already converted. Saves on my internet bandwidth since I don't actually have to send two different streams out through the encoder. Having said all that, I understand that you get what you pay for.
Since I started testing the service again, the streams have been stable, but just want to hear from fellow broadcasters. Have you all had any problems as of late?
One thing I have noticed is that there have been no ads run just yet. I don't remember how long it took for those to kick in last time.
Thanks in advance for your comments.
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I had issues two year ago but now I'm considering them again as my current host is slow to update to new shoutcast versions. Frankly they haven't replied to me in a month. Another reason is that I'm considering is for port 80 (some cooperate environment blocks regular ports).

The reason I had switch back to my host was as you mentioned, unstable, but also inconsistent and lack of their of, stats. This seems much improved now. Though user agent could use some work (not generalizing under one OS) and so on. Then also no intro files ir backup if stream goes down.

Either way I'm considering switching back again and just going over how it will be done. How has your experience been since posting this?

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