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Multiple icons for file formats associated with Winamp messed up on Windows 7 & 10

I recently have moved from Windows 7 / Winamp 5.666 to a clean installation of Windows 10 / Winamp 5.8. But I have the same problem: I add audio formats to be played in Winamp- and I am unable to change their icon for some of them

It goes like this. For FLAC, MP3 and WAV I use a simple registry hack. For FLAC it is

@="C:\\ICONS\\icon for FLAC.ico,0"

With this solution in place, in future all I have to see some change is to change that "icon for FLAC.ico" file in the folder "C:\ICONS". But this does not work always as some additional files are somehow bungled together- if I change icon for one, it changes also for others

On previous setup [W7 / W 5.666] I had such connection between APE and WV. My workaround was to set the icon for WV and forget about seeing APE other than with default Winamp file icon [thus APE looked exactly the same like for example M4A]

On current setup [10 / W 5.8] I have connection between WV and TTA; and a fake MP3 format that I created and called MP333 [I made a file with such extension and told Windows to open it always with Winamp]. I change icon for one of them and all 3 get changed

On both setups I looked in registry for other entries concerning Winamp and those files and tried to temper with them- I failed as I am not an registry expert and I saw some complicated entries there aside from multiple simple ones. I tried some pieces of software than handle changing of icons- but they all failed at this task. I tried using freeware by NirSoft called ShellExView and ShellMenuView- but all I got from them is that I was able to notice some differences in how these files are described in them, but could not change their various descriptions to match those like in e.g. FLAC

I do not know how but on Windows 7 it was better for me- I could set apart WV and TTA. But on Windows 10 they looked the same- which likeness totally disrupted my modus operandi

And so I went back to Winamp options. And I found out that under

Preferences > File Types > Recognized File Types

it says to use the Windows'

Settings > Apps > Default Apps

to handle them, as the files listed there are not eligible any more for selecting and deselecting and the list of them can be only scrolled. And of course the Windows'

Settings > Apps > Default Apps > Change default apps by file type

does not take care of this issue. It only allowed me to repair one of them; I have now WV with the icon I want and TTA reverted to the default Winamp icon. [But after that and some of the trials mentioned above, if I now uninstall Winamp and install it once again, the icons [long story short] get messed up even more- sometimes they all look the same. And by look I mean how they look in the freeware FreeCommander file manager and freeware Mp3tag tag manager- I forgot to check that in Windows Explorer]

And so I went back to Winamp, searching further for something that might work. And I found this:

Options > Preference > Jump To File> Extras > Winamp File Type Addition > Enable "Files Types" preferences page additions

It says that

"This allows for a custom icon for files and playlists to be made or using an icon library to change supported file icons"

Is this in regards to that default 1 icon for file and 1 icon for playlist that are chosen from sliders under the

Preferences > File Types > Recognized File Type

by any chance. Or is this in regards to what I am trying to do: to have many audio formats associated with Winamp but see some of them with individual icons, with the rest of them bearing the default Winamp icon? And why does Winamp has problem with APE, TTA and WV in the first place, even though there are on that list of files?

Or does anyone know of a tool that will take care of such changes? Or some other registry hacks?
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