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Presets using Global Variables which I have fixed

As many of you may know, presets using global variables are known to instantly crash Winamp when switching to a new preset. This occurs on all pcs running Windows 7. I have read that this phenomena only affects 64 bit operating systems but mine is a 32 bit os and I suffer the same problem. I have searched my hard drive for as many presets that I could find, that use global variables. On the advice of WoTl, I copied and pasted the code from the global variables into a superscope, and then disabled the ape plugin "globmgr.ape". This wasn't as easy as it sounds, because in the process I would have to close Winamp twice and disable and re-enable globmgr.ape for every preset. If I didn't do things in the right order, Winamp would crash instantly. Fixing each preset took me several minutes.

None of these presets are my work. I take no credit for the time and effort put forth by the original artists.

I post these presets knowing that they now work fine on my Windows 7 pc. I hope they work on yours. Please let me know.

I have included 3unfixed but renamed-to-make-inert copies of the following presets - synth-c - fallbot, synth-c - cool down in hell, and synth-c - dancebot, with the hope that somebody who knows what they're doing can fix them. If there are any more presets out there that I have missed, let me know, I'd like to try to fix them!

One last thing - you either need to delete or disable the plugin globmgr.ape in order to not crash Winamp.
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don't forget gvm is able to read from .gvm files. usually a load of assign(gmegabuf(index),something); if a preset uses a .gvm file (i.e. for a 3d model) paste that in a separate ssc's init part. that has a character limit though so if the .gvm is too long the gmegabuf assigments can be separated through as many ssc's as you want.
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cool, finally i can watch those brilliant presets
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still crashing my winamp:

garden (synth-c rmx)
mealstorm [finale]

i'm gonna stop now, because it's getting annoying
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holy crap, i haven't visited this place in 6 years, i'm honored that people are still watching my stuff! Thanks for fixing my presets AMT1970!
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Also, convolution filter isn't working on windows 7, also, maybe because Aero
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how does convo filter worked?...

it doesnt seem to work at win10(2016-7)

also, i made some more fixes from forums compilation 1 and WOtL's Abandonware 3Ds..

i even made a wfc1 intro remix as the intro of the pack.

"Global Fixes Pack 1"

P.S. is it possible to fix presets with eeltrans?
no = damn it
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I will try your collection. Thanks.
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None of my presets are in this, so I can only come to the conclusion that everything I do is perfect.

Texer Resources

Im retarded... err i mean retired!
Probably both...
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