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Andreas E.
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Sound distortion when running resource-hungry applications

This is another sound distortion problem, and it actually seems to be caused by a Winamp bug.

I'm using version 5.02 and it has run without any crashes, access faults etc.
I'm only going to upgrade to 5.03 if this issue is fixed, as I don't need other fixes except the dll with the ID3v[X] fix I already have installed.

- Play a MP3 as you have done 10,000 times before.
- Surf the net with the MP3 STILL playing.

Now it *can* happen, but it doesn't necessarily have to happen:

- Sound gets distorted all of a sudden.
(yes, it's the (in)famous 'underwater' issue again)

This usually happens if e. g. Internet Explorer has to load a site with shitloads of HTML and dynamic PHP stuff and suppaduppa layout and whatnot ...
IE seems to be on its last legs while busy loading this resource-hungry web site, and Winamp would immediately go into distortion mode.

EQ is *ON* and preamp is _not_ set too high. (about -5)

Now the "fix":

*STOP* playing the MP3 and *REPLAY* it by pressing Play again.

Abracadabra ... and the distortion is gone.

Weird issue, huh?

P.S. Specs are:
Win98SE / DDR-PC400 RAM / D-Link USB DSL modem / ATA-100 EIDE HDD / ASUS A7N8X Deluxe 2.0 (nForce 2 Chipset w/integrated audio chip)

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
Not a cat in hell's chance of reproducing this.
Besides, 5.02 isn't supported.
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Andreas E.
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OK ... then lemme revisit this.
Now latest WA version installed here, and still about the same problem.

= OS is Win98SE =

There are web pages in WWW that can auto-update themselves after a certain amount of seconds.

If I have such a site running, AND the net traffic is extremely high at this very moment, AND Winamp is playing a MP3, now the following (worse) happens:

- Sound will become distorted for a few seconds.
- Now Winamp will stop playing all of a sudden.
- WA task will change to [not responding]
- Using task manager to kill WA task will freeze whole system.

A reboot with the reset button is necessary.
Maybe there either isn't a cat in hell's chance of reproducing this, but you should never give up the hope
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