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Oshango Pack 01

Here is my first pack, sort of a mini-pack with 9 presets. As suggested, I thought I would post it here for commenting before trying to make an executable out of it.

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File Type: zip oshango-pack-01.zip (95.7 KB, 160 views)
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Quite a refreshing pack I'm pleased to say, wasnt what I expected at all.

Intro - Okay, nothing that special but does the job

Monu-mental - A well executed effect, I liked the quick camera snaps at first but they do get a bit jarring after a while

buddha-cobra - Nice effect, although it would be nicer if it want so square, but thats hard to avoif because of the nature of the effect

Tongue - I thought this one sucked a bit to be honest

Fish - Yea this one is a bit odd too, its got that 'this is an error' look about the effect.

Cave intro - firstly posting your intro to your next pack in a pack is a bit strange, secondly its a bit static, thirdly its not really a 'cave' or tunnel of any sort. Still, it is clean and asthetically pleasing

The cave - You NEVER, repeat NEVER need 6, count em, 6 dynamic movements one after the other. The effect is kinda cool but OMG what were you thinking! 6! I'm too appaled to go on...

Dragons flight - The best preset in the pack, a cool effect, but it really needs to be synced with the ground. And the old 'totally superfluous DM' thing is creeping in again

Plant vision - A nice effect, just a solid preset, but by this stage I was already sick of the replace mode texer2 effect.

Generally: Nice pack, could do with some optimisation and that 'sine wavey replace mode texer2' effect is quite overused.


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WOW, this is your first pack?? This is really good work!
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The tentacle is a little overused and try to get some brighter colours (there was an overall greyness to them), but apart from that great work! Keep it up.

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Thanks for the great critique PAK-9. I was admittedly confused about integrating the different DMs. It occurred to me after your post though that I could translate the DMs that are using polar cooridinates into rectangular coordinates and thus be able to mesh some together. I still haven't figured out how to take a seperate alpha DM and movement DM and put them together without having to add a buffer save and clear screen, but I'll play with that and see if I can't get it to work.

I'm going to change the names of "Cave Intro" and "The Cave", to "Cave Part I", and "Cave Part II". Cave Intro isn't the intro to my next pack, but to the next preset after it, The Cave. I think changing the names and rewording my comment will make that clearer.

On the squareness of the cobra, I agree with you entirely, I would love to be able to make it a bit more round. On my Texer II wishlist I asked for the ability to load a separate bmp as an alpha mask. This would make it possible to make a cobra with a more elliptical body; not to mention all the other endless shapes that could be played with. Then you guys will really be sick of seeing my endless tendril permutations.

Again, thanks, I'll give your comments some more thought before making my executable. Yathosho's new posting of PimpBot 2.1 was very timely.


And Mr. Nudge, thank you also for checking out my pack. Color has always been difficult for me, finding that balance between muted elegance and colorful excitement. I'll keep working on it though.
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