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Andreas E.
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CRAM/MSVC videos do not play correctly

First, the specs:
- Win2K SP 4 ** FRESH INSTALL **
- nForce mainboard @ Win2K reference drivers 4.27
- ALL critical security fixes applied (DCOM, Sasser etc.)
- DirectX 9.0c

VGA is an ASUS v9520/TD GeForce FX 5200.
Drivers are detonators v61.77.

Settings in advanced video options:

[ ] Lock video aspect ratio
[X] Allow hardware video overlay
[X] Allow YV12 overlay mode
[ ] Synchronize video to screen refresh rate

+ Winamp 5.08d


The video file [sig.: vidsmsvc] can be downloaded free of charge here:
(I tried with Level 11, as I was stuck there )

First, I tried MPlayer plugin and got a a pulsating mass of all kinds of colors.
With the second try I made, I could crash Winamp completely.

Then, I removed .AVI extension of MPlayer settings and tried with internal DShow plugin.
Got same color mess.

[Compare this to my Indeo problem I have where MPlayer worked nicely, but DShow failed! However, this time BOTH MPlayer and DShow won't play the video correctly!]

Good ol' MediaPlayer 6.4 (!) works fine with this file.
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Foorum King
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Plays in Winamp for me.

Did you try disabling hardware overlay?

(It does play with hardware overlay for me, but maybe your graphics card/driver doesn't like 8-bit colour palettes (CRAM is using 8-bit colour afaik).)
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Andreas E.
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... hence it should better be called CRAP than CRAM, huh?

All kidding aside, though ...
Thanks for the tip, but it didn't work.
Still color mess.
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