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Andreas E.
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Can I migrate old studio.xnf to new settings system?


this occurred a bit odd. As I never fully trust software, I copied my hard-won studio.xnf to a separate folder, clean installed 5.0x, then installed 5.21.

Re-copied studio.xnf and ... nothing changed. Then I got the idea of checking the install directory. Ahhh ... studio.xnf is no more and replaced by multiple config files in .\System\ sub-folder.
Nice, but is it possible to get my old settings back into Winamp 5.21, or do I have to reconfigure everything?
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studio.xnf is still functional.

If you chose to keep separate settings for each user when you installed Winamp, settings will be stored here instead:
C:\Documents and Settings\<yourusername>\Application Data\Winamp

So in that case you'd need to copy studio.xnf to that location instead.

The System folder is new. Afaik, it contains parts of Winamp used by different plugins (and will only be installed when a plugin that needs it is installed).

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Andreas E.
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OK, in the meantime I sussed out you are right with 'System' folder: it is not relevant for my problem.

So let's go ahead with it...after no way of finding any folder that resembles 'Winamp' in Application Data, I purged everything, now re-installing.


Sorted it out. You must set multiuser mode (every user has his own settings).

I assume that if you choose the third option "Use existing settings" (which I did with first install), the folder is default and HARDCODED.

Probably C:\Program Files\Winamp.

That's just where I found a Winamp.INI, dated TODAY.
Please note that I NEVER created this folder.

I suggest that Use existing settings also lets the user specify a CUSTOM directory, as it need not be C:\Program Files\Winamp.
(which moron would install everything on C:\??!)

Currently it does not and simply seems to assume the user has Winamp installed in C:\Program Files\Winamp.

But yes, when using multiuser mode it DOES work (when you KNOW about it )
I put the studio.xnf in D:\Save and it worked fine.

Thanks, finally I have my old settings back.
Although I'd rather have my studio.xnf in D:\Tools\Multimedia\audio\Winamp, where I have always had my Winamp installed.
(Remember that if C:\ is formatted, and you forget to save your settings to another partition, ALL WILL BE LOST)

Hence I hate to store this information in "Application Data"
(same problem with CuteFTP)
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