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Andreas E.
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[INFO] Media Library: Limited index path length! (not really a bug report)

Not really a bug report, but I actually don't want to post it into Technical Support, because it's a reproducible limitation of WA5 and I don't need support for that - rather support from the software

In a nutshell:

Winamp's MediaLibrary will not index files whose path goes beyond 255 characters. This means you cannot access them from ML either.
I thought I won't ever break this limit, but did
P2P requires it, otherwise you won't find much amongst your huge pile of stuff anymore.
From my pile of 47 files, only 14 were indexed because the path+name pairs were a bit less then 255 characters.
As soon as the path goes beyond that, ML plugin will skip the file.

Would be a nice thing to have in.

OS is Win98SE - this might work in 2000/XP.

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