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Andreas E.
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Modern Skin-General: Slider does not remember scaling values

Heh, and yet another finding ...

Bug lurking in

Preferences=>Skins=>Modern Skins=>General.

Check [x] Link all windows in all skins.

Slider goes a bit crazy, to put it a kind way.

If you haven't used this option in your life before, slider may be at the very left. I have it on 100% (now) after testing around a bit, hence I will assume the latter setting for the following report.

- Slider is at 100%; now I drag it a bit to the right, and I am at 125% (for instance).

- Say 'Close', scaling will be working correctly.

- Go to the same options screen again.

- Slider is at 100%.

(expected: it should still be at 125%).

- To get original size again, you must place a well-targeted click (!) on the slider (now e. g. at 99%), then use the cursor keys to fine-tune.

I guess this is not supposed to work that way ...

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