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A Quick Winamp and Windows 7 Question

Is it possible to enable Windows 7 Aero Snap functionality for the Winamp window? I love being able to drag all of my windows to the left/ right and split the screen in half in a matter of seconds, or drag to the top to expand to full screen. This would be incredibly useful for me to do with Winamp as well, but for some reason it doesn't work. I have looked around in the settings and haven't found anything relevant. Maybe someone has made a plugin or something?

Just installed 5.6 and still doesn't work.


p.s. iTunes does it :P
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AFAIK, snap can not be implemented with Winamp. At least not easily. Winamp is over 10 years old and implementing snap may require some rework of the code which in turn could cause compatibility issues.

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The problem is the custom window border. Fixing this issue will approximately require 20 changed lines and take 1 hour. If you open source the program I can assign this issue to me and fix it.

This is what the window looks like unsnapped and snapped when applying
to the window (because snap require WS_THICKFRAME|WS_MAXIMIZEBOX). The program is not usable because the rendering in the Winamp Gen:Winamp Library window is broken.

Other custom window border programs (for example FL Studio) hasn't been updated for Windows 6.1 either. Some custom window border programs has been updated though (for example VS 11).
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so what happens for classic skins? what about a non-rectangular modern skin? what about child windows when using the Bento skin (as in your images) which are attached to the side of the main window?

so it is not a simple fix as your post is implying and equating one program against another is not something that is valid (as i would have hoped would have been realised if you have some foundation of coding skills) as most of the handling with 'snap' is based around a certain type of window style (as you've alluded to) and shape (which is not viable with Winamp for a large number of skins.

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Any forum post about a commercial product that includes the text "if you open source the program" always shows up a lack of programming knowledge in the "real world".

Once you get out of the bedroom with your coding skills and work in a commercial environment you will soon realise why you can't just "open source" a commercial product. Especially one full of licensed code like Winamp is.
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