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help!! i've lost winamp 5 off my screen

Hey there, i hope you guys can help. When attaching the playlist to the winamp main window and then making the playlist into windowshade mode i lost the main winamp window somewhere below the bottom of my screen. This also used to happen with winamp 3. Does anyone know how i can get the main window back from under my screen?? all i have now is the playlist editor and library in view!! please help!!

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I am in an Internet Cafe right now (there is no winamp here) but there should be an .ini in winamp's directory. You should edit it ( it is a standard ascii file) with notepad or something. Search throgh the names of the settings and you should fine something like :

PositionX = 1370

This is only from what I remenber, if you do not succeed i could find the exact thing to do.
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All the main program settings are stored in winamp.ini (main winamp dir)
Only the settings for classic skins are stored in winamp.ini
Settings for modern skins are stored in studio.xnf

eg. you could change the following values in winamp.ini

skin=Winamp Modern.wal
to: skin=
This will make winamp open with the classic base skin
and you could edit the wx= and wy= values
but this would only affect classic skins

Make sure Winamp is closed first.

Open studio.xnf in Notepad

Scroll down for:
<section name="Skin:Winamp Modern">

Scroll down a bit more to subsection:
<section name="Player Window">

Edit the following line in this section accordingly:
<entry name="rect" value="0,0,354,567" />

Values above will place main window in top left corner of screen at default size.

Be sure to edit the exact line according to my instructions above.

To prevent this from happening in future . . .

Main window -> Options -> Winamp modern -> main windowshade mode
Checkmark: unlink position and width
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