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Button to add download all radio stations URLS as one file for winamp/itunes

Dear Shoutcast! I love winamp and your service,
but can you please make one good thing...

I feel inconvenient to use shoutcast in browser, frankly speaking...
Browsers are buggy, and often hang, take much memoey etc.
So I prefer just opening radio station url to winamp.
But... site shoutcast site says:
799,072 People streaming radio right now
so there are around 800 000 stations now!
well, of course I don't listen to most of them. I like only some genres
(spiritual, medition, new age, bollywood, or search keyword "Krishna" etc)

what I want that if I open some page with radio stations list,
can I have one more option:
just click some button to download all the stations on the page
(hey, I don't ask for all 800 000, I don't need that much)
but at leat those 30-50 stations on one page -
can I have PLEASE an option to add all those stations
into one playlist to download
so I can open them all in winamp?

don't you feel it is convenient?
if you have winamp and shoutcast services/programs both,
they should have more integration...

say, if in winamp there is browser...
I open shoutcast page from it...
so, if there way to add automatically from winamp
all the statins from the page
into a playlist

I search for "Krishna" radio stations
I may get around 20 station or more (it depends)
it is not good idea to click next to each station's name a download button...

why also I want that?
I have Android tablet.
and it works very bad on my device - that website.
It has no Winamp,
and loading playlist is very troublesome.
so there is a need for a button to load all playlist of one genre
(or for one search keyword)
and thus add to winamp, or itunes radio list,
or to to android radio player etc

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