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Wasabi SDK Documentation


I am writing an update for my plugin, clockamp, and would like to include support for modern skins. I've d/l'd the Wasabi SDK from the wasabidev site, but could not find the SDK documentation as the link (http://docs.wasabidev.org/docs/sdk/html/) is down. Bizzy_D's 'canada' (http://www.skin-zone.net/canada/) site is down too

After reading _all_ the info I could on the wasabidev site, several of my questions are still unanswered, and more came up, such as:

* Is the wasabi/winamp relationship still alive ? If so, what version of the SDK should I use for plugin development.

* Could someone either send me the developer manual, or indicate a valid link to it ? I am ready to mirror it, if it's OK with the wasabi team.

* Do I really want to use wasabi ? What I mean is, is there another way of hacking in an extra skinned window that I could connect my plugin to ?

I _do_ have more questions, but I should really read the lost_in_space developer manual first, I guess.

Thanks a bunch in advance,
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we never got the "/docs/sdk/html/" stuff when i got canada of aus.. this is as much as we have..
check your pm
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Thanks, but thats the info I read already, i just hoped it would be a good idea to read the "SDK Documentation" as was indicated on that page...

Did it ever existed ?
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For those who are interested, I found this in another forum(quoting from WHEREamI - 12/05/3003) :

>To add to useful links:
>The SDK Documentation. (how out of date is this, anyway? >and is there a newer copy somewhere?)
>Who exactly is Wasabidev, other than you, Russ? I want to
>know who to thank!
>Thanks Russ!
>now i have to update my sig...
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I noticed the link above did not work... here it is again:
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That documentation is really old, based, i believe, on the 488 build. And it's just generated from the code, so you may as well look at the code of the sdk you're using.

about the "winamp/wasabi relationship": Winamp 5.x's gen_ff.dll is most of Nullsoft's wasabi tree (500b3 being the latest release), with the components linked statically, and hacked a bit to get freeform skins to load. However, we at Wasabidev have forked from Nullsoft's Wasabi, and using the last sdk (500b3) as a starting point for the new, opensource Wasabi. So, the relationship is, that Nullsoft uses theirs, and we are working on new stuff, and in all likelyhood, they won't be compatible. It also seems unlikely that Nullsoft will release another Wasabi sdk for use with Winamp 5.

gen_ff.dll will still load components (.wac's) that are placed in the appropriate place, but it's rather crippled. (see here)

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