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shuffle works wrong

Winamp 2-5 (the malfunction annoys me all these years
Clean install
... etc, I'm sure the bug is related only to the algorithm of selection of the next track

Shuffle functions wrong for dynamically compiled playlists, winamp may repeat some songs or/and skip others

Method of Reproduction:
having 'shuffle' option in winamp turned ON
in windows explorer right-click an mp3 file, select 'Play in Winamp' (1 song in playlist, gets played)
select 2 more files, right-click to cause context menu on them, select 'Enqueue in Winamp' (3 songs in playlist at all)
Click 'Next' button - winamp randomly jumps to mp3 #2 or #3 as expected. But the 2nd click on 'Next' produces three options:
1) everything works perfect, we listen to the last song left (probability 33.(3)%)
2) nothings changes, winamp continues to play 2nd song (probability 33.(3)%)
3) winamp returns to playback of song #1 which we have already heard (yes, 33.(3)%)

This is only a schema, I usually start winamp like this: come up to my notebook, double-click a song to get some music running, then depending on current mood add couple of folders/songs more, go to kitchen to get my tee... and a bit later must listen to that song #1 again
if you later enqueue more songs you may hear some songs again
I guess it is not difficult to fix this: just assign a bit to every playlist entry meaning PLAYED/NOT_PLAYED and on selection of the next random track select only among those NOT_PLAYED. Those already played may be even displayed with a different color
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"Random" means anything can play next, whether it's a song that's already been played or not. Anything beyond that is a feature request, not a bug.
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Then why winamp _never_ repeats a song if you start a playlist or right-click and 'Play in Winamp' a complete folder? If it was 'random' like you say it should do that sooner or later. As my dictionary explains 'shuffle' is 'to mix something to change order' and that's exactly what man expects. High chance to repeat the first song or to skip a track is not 'random order' but a disorder (chaos, thus evil
And there was option#2 when Winamp plays only 2 songs out of 3, why

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