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I need some advice on titling a car..

I bought an older car from person A a little over a month ago.. in Arkansas. He drove it down here, and it started having problems.. so he didn't want to drive it back to Oregon.

He said he'd mail me the title when he got it from the friend he got the car from. He proceeded to tell me later on that the friend wouldn't give him the title. The friend is person B.

I contacted person B after giving up on Person A. Person B, the owner that the car is STILL registered to, insists he gave person A the title to the car.

Person B said that he did in fact give person A the car, and that he didn't care it was sold to me.. but that he wouldn't request a new title for me, even if I paid the fees.. because he didn't want to deal with it.

What are my options here? The car is still currently (actively) registered in Oregon.

Person A was a douche, person B is alright.. but he really just doesn't want to mess with it anymore, I suppose.

Person B *and* Person A are Oregon residents. The car is registered in Oregon. The car is currently located in Arkansas (my parking lot, to be more specific), and that is the state in which I am a resident.

yeah, i'm back.
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